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Here is a sample(audio only) of a cover band who needed something recorded 8 days before I was taking a long trip to Florida. I tossed my gear in the truck and headed to their practice spot. This is a link to their home page mp3 section. I recorded them playing the songs straight through for about 3 sets.  I went home and prepped for editing. Then the band leader and I got together several times and we dialed things in to his taste for the  amount of time we had before my trip.

and here is a link to one of the songs from that night. I had some tape left in my camera and rolled it on this cover of Big River. Dont be too critical of the video as I was not planning on shooting but, I had my camera in my cart and some film left.  Just did it for fun and added crowd.

Here I have a sample of an original band who wanted something for their site and such. I went to one of their homes where they set up to do so. I also wanted to record what I do so I ran the cam on a couple of songs to do so.

Here are 2 links of multi cam songs with trios. The objective for these was to have each of the players individually shot to see whoever you wanted to focus on the whole time.

Bands I recommend for hiring

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