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Bringing "High quality" tracks to small and medium sized projects!

Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

A little about my gear

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When it comes to mixing and editing I can get that done for you in a timely manner. I believe that most bands and performers need an outside set of ears to help balance things out. I am confident I can be that set of ears and you will find I am easy to work with.

I do my mixing and editing on a work staion I set up just for that. I have professional audio monitors that give me the same results on a cd as when I am listening to them while mixing. I also keep a crappy set of laptop speakers, some O.K. computer speakers  good headphones and a few other listening devices at my editing station. My mixes have to sound good in all of them and then I try out a cd. This makes me very efficiant in the mix time and saves you money.

My pricing varies from project to project when I am involved with the editing process. I try my best to keep it affordable and more often than not you get more than a guy punching a time clock and mixing your material. I care about my name as much as you care about your music so it must sound good. If  I need to put a little more effort into the mixing to make sure it is right and stay within budget I will not hesitate to do so. I also will not put up with out of control egos, attitudes or any overall nonsense. I dont mind if you are picky and want to work on your project until it sounds great but, I just can not have those other things going on and give you professional sound.

If you are looking for someone to edit your project into something that it is not then I may not be the guy for you.










Bands I recommend for hiring

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