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I am writing this page as if I am recording a band that has vocals at your practice spot.

As a person who has enjoyed listening to music first, playing came along second,  to recording and producing at the present time I have listened to the quality of playing and talent deteriorate over the years. I feel that there are too many so called artists out there relying on software to make them sound good and not actual skills or good ideas in general.

While the digital age has made it possible for me to be in this business, I think it has really made people forget what it is like or never know what it is like to play live and with other musicians on a regular basis. That only makes for a tsunami of  bad bands and artists that can barely play a song as a unit. This is my opinion of course but, it does lead up to my approach to mixing and editing.

I mainly record multiple instruments at the same time. Almost 100 percent of the time the musicians are playing through their rigs getting the sound they want to achieve. Its my job to capture the sound they already have  properly.

Once that is done and provided I am the guy doing the mixing.  I go back to my editing station and begin to organize things.  When that is done we take care of whatever other tracks are desired for the songs at hand, i.e. vocals, other instruments, punch-ins etc..

Upon completion of that I sit all instruments in the mix as if you were watching the band live. Once I find that balance I start my tweaking process to get the sound where I feel it needs to be on a C.D..

That is when I give the band an initial copy to listen to. Unless there is some sort of rush to get the material mixed I say give it a listen for a week in different systems. If there are things you want adjusted from there I prefer everyone entitled to an opinion to write them down to address in one sitting.. I do not have full bands standing behind me telling me raise this lower that add this add that. That is a good way to find yourself chasing your tail and getting annoyed with a quickness.

I am about the sound you had when I recorded you. Most engineer/producers these days are locked into one technique and do not stray away from them I try not to turn music into something that it is not. There are thousands of producers out there that do that very thing. It is not my style. If you are looking for a giant  polished production full of solos and things that you can never reproduce I am not the guy for you. I am really better suited for recording the sound you already have as a band without adding anything that does not sound natural to it. I will do tracking of course but, the line has to be drawn somewhere with me. Where that line is varies from project to project.


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