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Bringing "High quality" tracks to small and medium sized projects!

Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

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Pricing varies from project to project with my mobile recording operation. I will give some basics at the bottom of this page that will be a starting point.

There are just too many variables that come into play when recording on location to set concrete pricing. I will say as a musician myself I understand the need for quality pro sounding tracks at a price that won't sink you.

The best thing to do is contact me with your needs. The more advanced notice we have the better the outcome. 


 Example 1:

: Lets say you are a 4 piece band and I have to drive under an hour to your gig. Lets say your gig is a total of 4 hours total time there after set up. 9 pm - 1am. That means we all get to the gig at no later than 1 1/2 hours before show time to set up for the recording and your band. Thats the only safe way to be sure you start on time. (if you can not make it to set up on time I can not be accountable for you not going on on time and I still get paid in full for whatever does get recorded) For just Audio to be recorded on this night it will cost you $250.00. Payment will be made in cash upon arrival before set up. Now lets say all went according to plan. I will supply you with quick mixes (the following day or so) of the songs you played to see if you like your performance enough to translate into a better sounding mix. That is what is included in the initial 250.00. Once you pick the songs you like there is a 25.00 an hour charge for me to mix them into something that sounds really good. In most cases this can be done in around 10 hours or less. So you can have a quality live recording of your band for about 500.00 bucks in this situation. If you would like a one still camera shot of the band playing tack on another $ 50.00 dollars for the set up (provided there is someplace safe to do so) and plan on a few more hours of editing time.

Example 2 will be based on me going to your rehearsal space.

The set up time is the same as a live gig, 1 1/2 hours before actual playing time. That time is on me as is the breakdown time. $250.00 is the price for 4 hours of recording time and is the minimal price to get me out the door.. If things are really grooving and playing is going great I am willing to go an extra hour or so without charge for the music. After all I understand as a musician the pain of the current economy. Also if you only need lets say an hour of recording time then I am willing to apply some of the $250.00 initial cost to mixing and editing. I will be the deciding factor on how much. Now if you would like stationary cameras on location as well there will be a charge of $50.00 per camera with a 4 camera limit.. After all recording is done. I will head back to my editing station, make sure all audio and video are in tact and inform you of that. In the event somehow I had a problem with my gear I will refund the initial money you shelled out for me to record you. If all is in tact then I will provide you with semi good quality audio tracks to see if you like your performance. Once you decide what you like we will go into editing phase.


Bands I recommend for hiring

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