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Bringing "High quality" tracks to small and medium sized projects!

Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

A little about my gear

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Are you sick of seeing videos of school plays with bad sound on Youtube and Facebook? If you don't want your child's event to sound aweful for years to come arrange to have me record it  and video tape it. This way I can take the sound from the stage and orchestra (if there is one) and combine the 2. It makes the event so much more pleasurable to watch for anyone you send the link or dvd to.

I can also bring a small but powerful sound system so everyone in the back gets to hear the event as well.

Are you asking yourself if you can afford this? The answer is yes. If there is an event where multiple kids are participating you can collect a small amount from each parent making it so affordable it's almost silly not to do so.

If I do run video it will be of the entire event wherever a camera can capture the whole stage. Every venue is different and camera placement is not always easy but, I can also take other  videos that people were running elsewhere (provided they are not shakey) and combine them into the finished product.


Bands I recommend for hiring

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