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Bringing "High quality" tracks to small and medium sized projects!

Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

A little about my gear

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I have seen other companies on the internet showing pictures of huge trucks and lots of fancy speakers and mixers. They also give huge laundry lists of microphones, pre-amps, dat tape recorders and so on. That is all nice to see if you are well educated in all of this stuff and are easily impressed by large amounts of gear. Some of them get really great recordings as well.

They also are very large and expensive operations geared to the big acts they have to their credits. They cost a lot of money to use. Not to mention there are rarely music clips to listen to on their sites.

My point is I can give you sound comparable or better sound than some of these huge outfits and I do not have the huge overhead to go with it. This keeps my prices way down. 

I have gear that works and will only try to impress you with my sound. When you listen to the tracks posted on my site please read about what you are listening to so you can get an idea of what you can expect. I pretty much only post the work I have recorded, mixed and mastered myself. I do not post stuff that other people mixed that I recorded because some folks just can not get it right. I do not have a studio. I record on location so that should speak volumes for the sound I get.

The bottom line with any gear is quality of the tracks and headroom to work with. I have plenty of both.

Here is a link to a video I made while recording Slick Whiskey at their old drummers house. This will give an idea of how I set up shop at different places and how much room my rig takes up..



Bands I recommend for hiring

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