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Bringing "High quality" tracks to small and medium sized projects!

Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

A little about my gear

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If you want to record your project or just part of it (like drums) at your place and dont have the equipment to track it all then contact me.

I will come to your place to check out the room. From there I will tell you whats best for me to get optimal results for recording and discuss pricing. I can do this relativly fast if your project has it together and save you some serious money on tracking elsewhere.  I have bands that do instrument tracking of 4 or more songs a night all in single takes . They dont even have to leave their practice spot. If you have the sound you want already this is a much cheaper way to record than dragging your gear to a studio, setting up and rushing to play. You may also be  more comfortable in a familiar setting and may play better. This also makes for a more live feel to the music.

I bring quality headphone amplification, clean headphones and the necessary cables to reach each band member.

After the recording is done you can have your c.d quality tracks (all labled accordingly) to mix and master elsewhere or I can do it for you at my editing station. See the mixing and editing page for details.

I will supply you with the data from the recording first chance I get after the session. Its usually the next day though. Once I get back to my editing station I make sure everything is in tact and labeled accordingly. When you come to get your data I will take final payment and hand you your goods.

I do archive all of my work. If you do lose your data I can get it back to you for a fee when I am where I keep my files.


Bands I recommend for hiring

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