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Up to 16 separate simultaneous tracks at your gig or rehearsal space!

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Live recording is my favorite thing to do because you only get one shot at it. When it comes to live band recording in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, Long Island, and Harrisburg areas there are variables that come into play when I am involved. I will touch on some of them on this page.

1: Even if you are unhappy with your playing when you get recorded I get paid in full for the trip out to record the performance.. I have no control over the content of what gets recorded therefor I can not be held accountable for your mistakes. I can try to edit them away though. Thats another page on the site. If I can not deliver because of problems with my gear you will get all of your money back.

2: Most of the time small acts have their own P.A. and this is not an issue but, if you are playing where there is a sound engineer involved you need to make sure he knows I will be there and make sure he is willing to be co-oporative with the process and extra gear that will be involved. Once that is covered I will make sure my gear will work along side his with no interuptions. There is also the option to use our P.A. and soundman then there will be no issues.

3: If  I get to the venue where you are playing and I cant set up and do my job there will be a fee based on time lost and travel. This will all be addressed prior to the gig though.

4: I can record on a spur of the moment basis. To do this you must have cash when I get there. How much will be discussed prior to me dropping what I am doing.

5: I will need  some space to work (but not much) while there. So try and plan on it or at least go into it having the mindset on things being tight if it is a small club. My rig is about 4 feet long 3 feet high and 26 inches wide and then I have to sit behind it. You can find a picture of my rig on the gallery page to get an idea of the space I need. I also have a 100 foot snake so I can be pretty far away from you. I prefer that. I also need to be located somewhere safe where you are playing. (the drunks are out there and my gear costs a lot of money). I have had problems before with this issue.

6: We all have to be at the gig at least 1 hour earlier than when you planned to set up. If you can not do so I can not take responsibility for you not getting paid for starting on time and I still get paid in full!


Bands I recommend for hiring

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